Are you looking for ways to protect your property from rainwater runoff? Gutters are a common solution, but they’re not always the best option. In fact, if you want to avoid erosion and keep your foundation safe, it’s important to begin with an underground system of French drains. This way, you can hold off on gutters until later in the process—or even skip them altogether! Read on to learn why this is a great idea.

The problem with gutters is that they only divert water away from your home—they don’t do anything to prevent erosion. This means that if your property has an incline or slope, the water will simply dump out and erode the area around it. If this happens near a flower bed or other landscaping feature, it could cause serious damage.

French drains are an excellent way to solve this issue. Unlike gutters, which just move water away from one location, French drains actually collect and redirect water into a nearby storm sewer or septic system. Not only does this help protect against erosion, but it also ensures that the soil stays moist and healthy all year round—which makes for healthier plants and better drainage during heavy rains. Plus, because they are installed underground, they won’t detract from your home’s curb appeal like traditional gutters might.

Another bonus of using French drains instead of gutters is cost savings: when you install French drains first and then add gutters later on down the line if needed, you save money by avoiding unnecessary labor costs associated with installing both systems at once. Plus, since many local municipalities offer incentives for homeowners who install underground drainage systems like French drains (such as reduced stormwater fees), you may be able to recoup some of your initial investment over time.

Whether you’re concerned about protecting your foundation or preventing erosion near flower beds and other landscaping features on your property, investing in an underground system of French drains is a smart move. Not only can it help reduce costs in the future if you decide to add gutters later on down the line (or skip them altogether!), but it also helps keep soil healthy while helping conserve resources like water at the same time! For website owners and homeowners alike who are keen on protecting their property without breaking the bank, investing in an underground system of French drains is certainly worth considering!