Summer rains can wreak havoc on yards, leaving them flooded and filled with dirt, mud, and debris. As you work to clean up the mess that flooding leaves behind, it’s important to remember that now is the time to plan ahead. Installing French drains and properly draining your yard are essential steps in preventing future flooding. Let’s talk about why these steps are necessary and how they can help protect your yard from flood damage.

The Benefits of French Drains

French drains are an effective way of diverting water away from low-lying areas of your yard. They are trenches filled with gravel that allow water to flow through a perforated pipe at the bottom of the trench. This allows excess water to be diverted away from your home or other areas of your yard that may be prone to flooding. The gravel also helps filter out any debris or silt that may be carried by the flowing water.

Yard Draining for Protection From Flooding

Another important step in protecting your yard from flooding is making sure you have proper drainage systems in place throughout your property. This includes installing gutters on the roof of your home and extending downspouts far enough away from your foundation so that the water does not pool near it. In addition, you should clear any debris (such as leaves) out of existing gutters or downspouts regularly so there is no blockage in the system. If necessary, consider having a professional install an underground drainage system as well to further protect against future floods.

Installing French drains and properly draining your yard can go a long way towards protecting it against flooding during heavy rains this summer (and beyond). It will take some effort now, but if you call in an expert or tackle it yourself, it will pay off when the next rain comes – instead of dealing with a flooded yard again! Taking steps now will help save you time and energy later – not to mention money – when it comes to cleaning up after a flood!